Lean Practitioner Program (LPP)

Project-based practical lean program with international certificate

Projektalapú gyakorlati lean képzés

Do you feel stuck you when you try to apply lean thinking in practice?

  • You know a lot in theory, you have been to a lean training, you have read lean books, but you have never put into practice what you learned? You don’t know how to start?
  • You have been to several lean trainings, but they only confusedyou, maybe even contained contradicting information? Do you want clarity?
  • You have already heard about lean thinking, but you don’t exactly know what it is? You would like to start from scratch and build comprehensive practical knowledge that you can then apply to any technology?
  • Are your problem solving processes sluggish? Do the problems you have ‘solved’ tend to return?
  • You have been using lean principles for a while but you got stuck in the process and you need help from an experienced mentor?

2 in 1 – Lean training and corporate problem solving in one

  • The program content and methodology have been compiled by experts from LEI organizations worldwide, including former Toyota employees, ensuring the authenticity of information provided in the program, and helping you get back on track along lean principles.
  • The 10 day program is accomplished in the course of nearly 5 months (4x2 + 1 + 1 days) – assignments between the meetings will help deepening what you have learnt.
  • During the program everyone is going to process their own corporate problems through the A3 process, with the support of LEI mentors – this way you can put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice serving as the basis of real competency development.
  • The location of the 10 day program is provided by member companies – this creates further opportunities to practice your new skills outside your usual corporate environment.

The 10 day project based program
relies on the methodology developed together with
Lean Global Network’s (LGN) LEI member organizations

It combines theory with simulations and case studies efficiently, while the corporate location allows the participants to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge during gemba exercises. The participants’ own corporate problems are tackled in the individual  projects (with mentor support) ensuring a deeper understanding of lean principles and methods.

Participants will receive an LGN certificate
upon completion of the program.

What to expect in these 10 days?

We will DISCUSS the historic background and basic terminology of lean thinking, we will build on in the next 10 days, including value adding activities, sources of waste, 5 principles, kaizen.

You will be INTRODUCED to the Toyota problem solving process and the method of scientific thinking, PDCA.
These are the FOUNDATION of the A3 management process providing the frame of your own project work.

You will LEARN the definitions of time related expressions used in lean environments, including
tact time, cycle time, lead time ; in a simulation and on the gemba you can PRACTICE how to calculate and measure these.

You will LEARN how to break up a work process into work elements and define their time, then you can
PRACTICE balancing work and creating standard work.

You will DRAW ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ value stream maps (VSM's) then you will REVISE the principles of creating a strategy necessary for their improvement.

You will LEARN the importance of continuous flow and the pull principle  as well as the benefits of their application.

You will LEARN the basics of flow stabilization and the CALCULATION of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and DISCUSS how their components can be improved.

You will LEARN about the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)  method, its steps and the impacts of its application.

We will REVISE the principles of creating and applying visual management systems
e.g. daily performance analysis board, 5S –, their related misconceptions, as well as their role in the lean system and their impact on performance indicators.

We will CLARIFY the meaning and fundamentals of quality in a lean environment, the importance of ‘first time good’ quality and the supporting tools – e.g. jidoka, poka-yoke.

You will LEARN the terms and principles necessary to implement the processes including Just-in-Time, FIFO, heijunka,
Plan For Every Part (PFEP)
, and CALCULATE kanban and supermarket sizes.

Who is this program for?

It is for you…

  • If you want to know more about lean principles and the Toyota Production System (TPS), and learn how you can apply them in practice.
  • If you are not a lean practitioner but you want to lead and improve your production or servicing department along lean principles, practice lean thinking and use its basic tools on a daily basis.
  • If, as a manager and professional, you play an active role in creating and improving production and supporting processes but you lack the routine of applying lean.
  • If you work in production or at a production unit and you want to expand your knowledge of lean thinking, going back to the basics of lean.
  • If you already know lean thinking and its tools but you got stuck trying to apply them in practice.
  • If you want to learn the lingo of the international lean community and feel your lean knowledge needs a paradigm shift.

It is not for you…

  • If you don’t like rolling up your sleeves and learning in practice, or trying new things.
  • If you don’t want to learn about other companies’ processes, and you don’t feel comfortable sharing the challenges of your project assignments with other participants.
  • If you always have good solutions without applying conscious problem solving methods.
  • If you believe in the importance of individual performance rather than the power of team work.
  • If you think speed is more important than direction.
  • If you rely on feelings, assumptions and habits when making decisions instead of facts, data and observations.
  • If you like solving problems alone at your desk instead of checking what is actually happening and brain picking your experienced colleagues who work in the process involved.
  • If you always know the answer to everything.

The professional background of the program

Lean Global Network

Lean Global Network (LGN)
The professional network of Lean Global Network comprises the organizations of Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) present in over 30 countries worldwide.

In response to the challenges that companies face during their lean transformation, LGN – with the participation of former Toyota employees – have created the 10 day Lean Practitioner Program (LPP) aiming to improve the participants’ lean knowledge and skills. Relying on LGN’s international standards the program provides a frame to acquire basic lean thinking and apply it in practice . It directly impacts on corporate performance through the participants’ individual development.

The program also serves as the basis of other programs including the
(Industrial Plant Production and Management) MSc program of the University of Barcelona.

Who are the teachers?

Bereczki Csaba

The program will be supervised by our senior lean coach colleagues Csaba Bereczki and Csaba Szalay who worked in the international program development project team. The past years they taught over 200 participants of these programs to apply lean principles in practice while supporting them as mentors in succeeding with their projects.

Szalay Csaba

International LGN certificate

What is this certificate, what does it give you?
The international LGN certificate attests that the participant has completed the program, understands the structure and working of the lean management system, and is able to apply the methods and tools in their everyday tasks and project work thus improving the company’s processes.

What do we certify?
Knowledge of lean principles acquired from literature and the program, and the ability to use lean thinking: implementation of your own projects, improvement of actual processes, the introduction and the measuring of, changes.

What are the basis and the process of certification?
The basis of participant evaluation is the completion of the chosen project assignment as well as the quality of assignments they have to work on between the training sessions. In addition, participants will take a written exam on the last day of the program, and they will have to introduce their project assignments in A3 format to the team and their LEI mentors.

Requirements regarding the project assignments

Lean Practitioner Program Projektmunka
  • The participant’s chosen project should improve a real business process at their own company  in a measurable way and with quantifiable results.
  • The participants should tackle the problem applying the problem solving and A3 management process learnt in the program.
  • The relevant principles, elements and tools of lean thinking should be used in the project.
  • The participants should  involve in their projects their key colleagues working in the chosen area; the changes should be developed and implemented in cooperation with these colleagues.
  • The project assignment should result in actual, measurable savings which can cover the program’s participation fee within a year.

Operative details

DATE1st – 2nd days: 27-28th October 2021
3rd-4th days: 10-11th November 2021
5-6th days: 24-25th November 2021
7-8th days: 8-9th December 2021
Coaching day: 12th January 2022
Closing day: 9th February 2022
upon booking
DURATION10 (4×2+1+1) days, from 9:00 to 17:0010 (4×2+1+1) days, from 9:00 to 17:00
LOCATIONSyraren Bel Slovensko (Michalovce/Nagymihály)
Hungarian Alliance Logistics Kft. (Győr)
on location – specified by customer
GROUP NUMBER14 person8-14 person
LANGUAGEEnglishOn demand: Hungarian or English
FULL PRICE1.985.000 Ft + VAT / personAsk for individual offer
1.190.000 Ft + VAT/ person-40%

The participation fee of the open format program includes the following

Elemi lean

Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade

Kaizen expressz

Kaizen Express

Tanulj meg látni

Learning to See

LPP mappa

A folder
with course material

A3 mappa

A folder
with A3 formats

LPP tanúsítvány

of the passed exam


lunch and refreshments

What former participants say

‘I arrived at the LPP program with a few years of production experience and a couple of third-party lean workshops under my belt. The program gave me a lot both professionally and personally. On the one hand, I could systematize all the lean tools I already knew and those acquired in the program, which put me on a long journey towards lean thinking. On the other hand, it was interesting to see how participants from different companies and industries grew into a team during the program. I liked the theory/gemba ratio because we had the opportunity to observe everything we had learnt so far, in real environments. Creating my own A3 further enriched my experience – even if at times I had to start all over again… :)
Thank you for letting me experience LPP.’

Krisztián Dutkon – Equipment & Technology Engineering manager, FESTO

Vuk Annamária

‘Not only does the program establish the basics of lean but also provides a treasure trove of knowledge allowing the participants to understand and improve their processes, and also demonstrates how this particular knowledge can and should be used in everyday practice. I could immediately utilize what I had learned, both in my work and personal life. Our metrics improved and I can facilitate others’ jobs. If you would like to deal with real problems so that they are actually solved, this program is the one you need, to acquire the methods of successful problem solving.’

Annamária Vuk – lean expert, MOL-LUB

Project-based practical lean program with international certificate

Lean Practitioner Program

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