How does it feel to transform your business with lean?

How does it feel to transform your business with lean?

09 May, 2017

Ballé workshop

Lean is all about learning-by-doing: try and see, try and see. Hands learn first, then the mind – which is why classroom training is often misleading. Join Michael Ballé, PhD, in this rare workshop to experience how it feels to transform your company by transforming your thinking with a unique hands-on simulation.


There are many Just-in-time games around, but they mostly focus on the mechanics of the tools, not on discovering the true spirit of lean. In this day long simulation, Michael Ballé will lead you on a successful journey of transformation of an entire business, from bottom-line improvement on the P&L through physical improvement of the layout, to quality improvement and innovation, by using the lean tools to involve all employees.

You will experience unique and unexpected aspects of learning-by-doing, and touch upon the lesser known dimensions of lean such as real kaizen and hansei, self-reflection. You will learn to:

  • Use PDCA to reflect on the financial results of the changes the team makes and how it guides you to improve step by step.
  • Uncover your own mental models by learning from your mistakes and having aha! moments that will mark you for life.
  • Discover how lean factory improvement is really all about product improvement and customer satisfaction to become more competitive (value analysis and value engineering).
  • Learn the difference between taylorist lean (done to people) and real lean: achieving objectives by developing people.
  • Experience how it really feels to be challenged on a shop floor by a real sensei.
  • And have fun doing so!

You will join a group of 15 – 25 people and create a start-up business which needs to scale-up by using lean techniques to improve its disastrous early profitability. 5-minute simulations will lead to collective discussions of what the problem is, PDCA reflection on what the previous step did and next step should be, and training from Michael to hands-on lean principles and tools.

At the end of the day, you will have touched upon all the main lean tools leading the business transformation, but more importantly you will have discovered which of your own hidden assumptions and thinking habits stop you unconsciously from succeeding at lean.

This short journey of self-reflexiveness and discovery mirrors how real lean really happens when one works on the gemba with a sensei, as we clear the window of our misconceptions and, progressively, build better relations with the workforce and colleagues in order to become more competitive by truly learning to learn.


The workshop is moderated by Dr. Michael Ballé co-founder of the French Lean Institute.

Date: 09 May, 2017
Duration: 9:00 – 17:00
Location: Aquaworld Resort Budapest– H-1044 Budapest, Íves út 16.

Number of participants: max. 25
The language of the workshop is English!

Terms and Conditions

Price (members):
99.000,- HUF + VAT / person

Price (not members):
139.000,- HUF + VAT / person

Price includes a copy of the book The Work of Management, lunch and snacks in the breaks.

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Dr. Michael Ballé

Michael_BalleDr. Michael Ballé is the co-author of THE GOLD MINE Trilogy of lean novels (The Gold Mine, The Lean Manager, Lead With Respect) and of the upcoming THE LEAN STRATEGY. He coaches CEOs on the gemba, he is Managing Director of ESG Consultants and co-founder of the French Lean Institute (, France’s leading lean initiative, as well as of the Projet Lean Entreprise ( in collaboration with Télécom Paris, where Michael is associate researcher. For over a decade, he has focused on the human and learning implications of lean implementation in fields as diverse as engineering, manufacturing, healthcare and digital startups and helped many companies to run their lean programs successfully. As a cognitive sociologist, he has taught organization theory in several business schools. He has received the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Research Award three times.

We have asked Michael in what aspects is he different than our previous keynote speakers:

1) “I work with CEOs on full business transformation, from the product strategy and finance strategy to the details of engineering and production, by developing people step by step.”

2) “I’m often direct – more of an old style gemba sensei”

3) “I work with Daniel Jones and Orry Fiume (the co-founder of Lean Accounting) on what conclusions to draw from all lean attempts since Lean Thinking, and how to express the learning dimension.”

4) “I hate public speaking :) which is why I write books”