Playing Lean Workshop

Public Playing Lean Workshop – 21 October, 2016
The language of the workshop is English!

You can read about aerodynamics, but it won’t teach how to fly. You can, however, learn how to fly in a flight simulator. It is a risk free environment where pilots-to-be can make wrong decisions without damaging expensive equipment or causing loss of life.


Playing Lean is our “flight simulator” for innovation and Lean Startup. It’s an enjoyable board game where players are forced to make difficult choices without risking their life savings or the future of their workplaces. The worst case scenario is a humiliating defeat at the hands of your colleagues (quite scary, actually).


In Playing Lean, you lead a team that tries to get from an idea to a winningplayinglean_product_008_compact product. The transition from dealing with visionary individuals to capturing large chunks of thousands of customers will be difficult. The choices you make will be hard ones: should you go with your gut and build what you think the market needs, or should you spend your sparse resources on experiments?

playinglean_product_003_compactPlaying Lean simulates the experience of launching a successful product into a board game that can be played in 90 minutes. Along the way, players will learn the core concepts and vocabulary of the Lean Startup. And they will remember it because they have experienced it.


Playing Lean

Playing Lean is both a seriuos board game and a great workshop format. Combined, it’s a great way to kickstart your learning about Lean Startup. You get to play a game, have a lot of fun and still call it work!

workshopsmallAfter the workshop, you have an overview of the method, a handle on the most important concepts and a fully described, personalised experiment to take home and try in your organisation.

Part 1: Executive Summary

To kick off the workshop, we’ll give you the executive summary of Lean Startup:

  • What is the Lean Startup and why it is relevant now?
  • The five principles of entrepreneurship
  • The four stages of innovation

Don’t worry, we won’t keep you from playing the game for too long!


Part 2: Playing Lean

In Playing Lean, four teams of up to three players battle for control of the market. Can you build a new product that the customers want, faster than your competitors?

During the game, teams will do experiments, add features to the product, build the company and win new customers. The Lean Startup approach is at the heart of the game, and every experiment will introduce new concepts and vocabulary that the game facilitator will go through.

Playing Lean creates experiential learning, the kind you do not forget easily!

Part 3: Retrospective

When the dust settles, we debrief. We evaluate how each team performed and the choices that were made during the game. What would you do differently?


Part 4: Experiment Design

We want to put the experience into the persective of daily relevance. Having learnt and experienced the Lean Startup, what experiments could you try out when you get back to the office?

We go through some famous examples of great experiments. Then we use the Playing Lean Experiment Template to design your own: At which stage is your project or idea? What can you do by yourself, with big budgets and difficult approval processes?


The workshop is moderated by Miro Hegedic.

Date: 21 October, 2016
Duration: 9.00 – 17.00
Location: Novotel Székesfehérvár Hotel – 8000 Székesfehérvár, Ady u. 19-21.

Number of participants: max. 24
The language of the workshop is English!

Terms and Conditions

Price (for SMEs):
69.000,- HUF + VAT / person

Price (members):
99.000,- HUF + VAT / person

Price (not members):
139.000,- HUF + VAT / person

Price includes the workshop materials, lunch and snacks in the breaks.

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Tore Rasmussen

Tore_RasmussenTore Rasmussen is an entrepreneur, consultant and innovator that helps leaders in the field of disruptive innovation. As a Lean Startup advisor and co-­founder of Playing Lean, he has been working with established companies helping them to build products that customer wants. He has done a large number of training for different clients around the Europe. For larger clients Tore and his team provide White Label Conferences, helping them become thought leaders within their industry. His remaining hours Tore is passionately using to develop Lean Startup Circle Norway.

Miro Hegedic

Miro_HegedicMiro Hegedic is a founder of Lean Startup Croatia and one of the organizers of the Lean Startup Meetup Zagreb and Lean Startup Drill, a 24h event that teaches participants Lean Startup methodology. He is doing PhD in process optimization models based on Lean management at the University of Zagreb. Because of his passion for traveling, business and startups he launched a startup up4talk, where among other things he learned about the application of Lean principles in startups. He has been working with different teams in process of implementing Lean Startup principles in their projects. Miro has been a mentor in “The Inkubator” program conducted by Impact HUB Zagreb, the Summer Entrepreneurship Training and Smartup Competition. He is also a part of the mentor’s network at the Core HUB. From 2015 he has been a Playing Lean facilitator and he has been teaching established companies how to implement Lean Startup in their product development processes.