Lean Manager Roundtable with John Shook

The Lean Manager Roundtable provides possibility of professional discussion for 15 lean managers of Hungarian companies with John Shook. The topics of the roundtable are of course flexible, based on “customer demand” at the scene. However here are some recommendations, guidelines to start the conversations:

The over-riding questions are:

  • What is the nature of Lean Transformation?
  • What dynamics must be understood and considered in developing a transformation strategy?
  • What steps or conditions are necessary?
  • What steps of conditions are sufficient?
  • Which are general, applicable to any situation and which are particular to each organization’s circumstance?

To answer those questions, specific questions to be addressed include:

  • How can organizations effectively solve problems as they arise?
  • How can organizations evaluate proposals from lower levels?
  • How can organizations create stability in day-to-day operational activities?
  • How can organizations understand current levels of performance, “keep score”?
  • How can the horizontal flow of value be effectively managed?