Adventages of Membership

Lean books with 20-30% discount


It is one of the main goals of our organization to provide books from the original source, in Hungarian. We publish 1-2 books of LEI every year.
In our bookstore our members can also purchase the Hungarian version of lean books already published in Hungary by other publishers, plus related readings that we recommend.

Lean Summit participation with 30% discount


We organize an International Lean Summit during spring every year to promote the books we publish. For these occasions we plan to invite the author(s) of the published book(s).
During these events of course Hungarian specialist are also sharing their experiences, knowledge.

Workshops with 30% discount


Our goal is to launch trainings, workshops of topics which do not exist in Hungary, to support a wider and deeper development of Hungarian specialists. To ensure the valid source, these workshops are mainly moderated by faculty members of LGN affiliates.
This year we provide A3 Workshops – with John Shook and David Brunt – related to Managing to Learn, and Lean Office Workshop and Lean IT Workshop – with Steve Bell.

Participation in lean clubs


LEIH organized the first Lean Manager Round Table and Lean Executive Round Table together with the Lean Summit in April. During these events Hungarian lean specialists and CEOs had a chance to meet and have discussions with John Shook Chairman and CEO of LEI.
We will organize both of these Round Tables each year together with our Lean Summit, but we also plan to gather these people 2-3 times every year. These programs are only available for our members.

Benchmarking trips with 30% discount


Using the partnerships of the 18 affiliates of Lean Global Network (LGN) we plan to visit outstanding companies abroad by organizing benchmarking trips for small groups.
First of all we plan to visit the Toyota factory in Turkey and also the Toyota Motor plant in Poland. These trips are organized through the LGN affiliate of the target country which is in partnership with these companies.

Access to protected material


Under the “Tudásbázis” page of our Hungarian website there are materials, publications translated to Hungarian from LEI’s website (, plus the videos of the presentations of our Lean Summit. These are only accessible for our members.
These pages also have a comment feature where our members can write and discuss their opinions.

Seeking for lean experts


Our corporate members have the advantage to post their recruitment information on our website when they are seeking for lean experts. Our pages are visited by lean professionals who are deeply committed to lean, so the chance of finding the right candidate will increase.

Trips to Summits of other LGN affiliates


Based on special needs we organize trips for groups to the annual Summits of LGN affiliates to meet worldwide known experts. In this case the group could receive special discount as official members of the Hungarian affiliate of LGN.

Membership status starts from the day the membership fee is received and lasts for 365 days (not until the end of the calendar year).

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